About Treatwell

Treats have a special place in our lives.

We empower consumers to embrace our European culinary heritage and enjoy a moment of indulgence in a mindful way, providing choice while preserving our environment for future generations.

We are committed to making a positive impact on the world, and the communities we engage with, by ensuring our products are safe, fulfil high quality standards and are produced in a responsible way and mindfully enjoyed.

Responsibly produced and mindfully enjoyed is the philosophy that drives our members and is what the Treatwell campaign is all about.

Responsible Production

As an industry, we fully understand that our future depends on the ability of our members, farmers and their communities to manage the use of raw materials in ways that safeguard our planet. That is why responsible production is so important to what we do.

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Mindful Enjoyment and Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy lifestyles and balanced diets are the basis of wellbeing. Our industry takes its part in active measures to fight obesity and malnutrition, and to ensure consumers make informed choices when enjoying our high-quality products.

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Indulgence and Joy

For many centuries, biscuits, confectionery and later, cocoa products have been an integral part of our European culinary heritage, allowing people to experience and share exceptional moments of indulgence and joy.

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Did you know...

It was a French master confectioner who turned up at a confectionery factory in Yorkshire with the idea for fruit pastilles, in the mid 19th century

The medieval medicine based on the sticky root of the “marsh mallow” plant was imitated by French confectioners using egg whites and sugar around 1900, and later took the USA by storm

A surprisingly late invention, toffee was commercially marketed by a Scotsman in the 1890s, while the French developed caramels


CAOBISCO is the Association of Chocolate, Biscuits and Confectionery Industries of Europe.

Our mission is:

  • to support our member companies’ freedom to market their products in a flexible and responsible manner and;
  • to support the development of an innovative, sustainable, competitive and creative chocolate, biscuit and confectionery industry in Europe that represents the values of our member companies.

With 12 National Association members, 6 direct member companies and 2 affiliated members, CAOBISCO is the voice of more than 12,700 European chocolate, biscuits and confectionery manufacturers all over Europe.

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Our three sectors – chocolate, biscuit, confectionery – are together composed of more than 12,500 companies which employ directly more than 330,000 workers. CAOBISCO

Our Members

Our members reflect the diversity of our sector and the richness of our portfolio. These include national associations, direct member companies, observer members and affiliate members from across the Europe.

Association of Hungarian Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturers (HUNBISCO)
Fachverband der Nahrungs-u. Genussmittelindustrie Oesterreichs (FIAA)
Finnish Food and Drink Industries Federation
Food and drink industry Ireland

Contact us

For all general and media enquiries, please contact:

Avenue des Nerviens 9-31,
1040 Brussels, Belgium

+32 2 508 10 21