BDSI – Engagement on Mindful Eating

For many years, BDSI has been active in communication about mindful eating. With the help of specialists, BDSI supports, among other things, nutrition counselling and lifestyle coaching, as well as directly offering consumers a host of information and offers covering all aspects of pleasure and enjoyment.

Alongside experts, BDSI has developed an enjoyment index and a presentation on how we experience enjoyment, for use by nutrition counselling and lifestyle coaching professionals. One key message is that confectionery products are first and foremost products we consume for our pleasure. They give us small moments of indulgence in our everyday lives and should be mindfully enjoyed. 

For the public at large, BDSI maintains a website covering a wide range of topics about pleasure and enjoyment, stretching well beyond what we eat and drink. This platform provides tips and advice, new services, an enjoyment blog, and videos and interviews supporting mindful enjoyment.

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