Ferrero – KINDER + SPORT

Ferrero helps to promote physical activity, especially among children, through its Kinder+Sport (K+S) project since 2013, a pillar of Ferrero Group Corporate Social Responsibility with a history of more than 20 years.

The project, which is endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Education, operates in partnership with the International School Sport Federation,  four National Olympic Committees and 130 Sports Federations and Associations, ensuring quality, global dissemination, multidisciplinary approach and technical expertise.

In 2018, the Kinder+Sport program maintained its presence in Europe moving more than 3,8 million children in 22 EU countries.

The main Kinder+Sport activities in 2018 include:

  • Luxembourg celebrated on September 22nd the “Kinder+Sport Day” with more than 1000 participants. In the third year edition, employees and their families experienced the Joy of moving practicing a wide range of sports activities during the entire day.
  • In the United Kingdom, the Kinder+Sport team has been teaching the “Joy of moving” method as part of the Move and Learn project, which includes theoretical and practical training for a group of football instructors, enabling children to benefit from the method as they begin to get to grips with football.
  • In Italy, more than 600 children aged 9 to 12 took part in the Day Camp, the summer event held over a 5 week period at Alba Village, with 2018 marking the tenth edition of this programme. Meanwhile, for the ninth year running, the sports campus in Temple-Sur-Lot in France hosted Le Village Kinder, where children practiced sports and games for a total of 4 weeks.
  • Since 2010, Kinder+Sport has established a partnership with the biggest amateur sports event in Europe, the Youth Sports Games and supports the Street Basketball Tournament activities. The 2018 edition of the games were held in 34 cities with the final matches taking in place in Sarajevo and gathering 1910 kids.

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