Unione Italiana Food – Responsible production

During EXPO 2015 in Milan, AIDEPI (now ‘UNIONE ITALIANA FOOD’) signed the voluntary Code of the Ministry of Health “Shared objectives for improving the nutritional characteristics of food products, with a particular focus on children (3-12 years)”.  This Code committed members to a gradual reduction of the average levels of some nutrients (TFA, saturated fats, sugars, salt and energy per portion) and to an increase of fibre in fine bakery products until 2017.  

The  results  of  a  monitoring  exercise  confirmed that the targets have been reached and, thanks to the voluntary reformulation initiatives carried out by participants  in  order  to  meet  consumer  needs,  the  average reduction  goes  beyond  the original objectives. In the same Code, the members renewed their commitment (already in place since 2004) to giving up direct sale of products through vending machines in primary school and first-degree secondary schools.